I would consider my relationship with my boyfriend to be one that is liberal and unconventional. We do things differently than the traditional idea of how couples should act. For one thing, we decided we would have children first before getting married. We have 2 so far. We also agreed on when and how we were going to get married. We even discussed our engagement. He would propose to me but should not get down on one knee. For the ring, I asked him to get me a pretty yet inexpensive butterfly ring. I have my reasons and I'm going to explain it to you.Do you want to learn more? Visit butterfly ring.

I never liked the idea of a diamond engagement ring. For one thing, diamonds don't hold much resale value yet when you buy one they're priced extremely high. With two kids to feed, I can think of more practical ways to spend money that'll just go to sentimental jewelry. There are a lot of butterfly rings available both online and in physical stores. They look prettier than regular engagement rings and they can be customized to fit my style and preference. And butterfly rings cost far less than diamond engagement rings.


My other reason is one that is quite personal. I and my mom are both fans of butterflies. It's a bond we had growing up. We would go to butterfly sanctuaries to appreciate the delicate beauty of butterflies. We also have a nice collection of butterfly jewelry that we shared. And for us, butterflies symbolize our personalities so well that we even have matching tattoos of a butterfly. Getting a butterfly engagement ring would not only mean I get to have a piece of jewelry that I love from my husband, but my mom would also be pleasantly surprised when she hears the news.